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Working with top New York City eye care specialists, we provide complimentary annual eye exams and accessories to survivors of domestic sex trafficking and violence.

We are thankful to be partnering with:
  • Ruth H. Domber of 10/10 Optics
  • Dr. Coad and Dr. Eviatar of Chelsea Eye
  • Dr. Robert G. Kirczow, B&B Eye Group, LLC.

Ruth Domber, 10/10 Optics.

“At 10/10 Optics we take pride in knowing that our opticians are both trained and expert in measuring and fitting you with the best choices in optics and new lens technology. Tell us about your lifestyle needs for work and play. We’ll know what is right just for you.”


Dr. Eviatar & Dr. Coad, Chelsea Eye.

We pride ourselves on providing the most advanced LASIK in New York City, NY with a patient centered approach to care. Dr. Coad, Director of Ophthalmic Services, customizes LASIK and other refractive procedures to suit the needs of each patient.  Our state-of-the art facility uses only the most advanced technology and our physicians are often featured in the media. We offer flexible hoursfinancing plans, and free screenings. We perfect how you see and how people see you.


Dr. Robert G. Kirczow, B&B Eye Group, LLC

Dr. Kirczow has been serving in our local community for over 30 years. He is well known in both Morris and Essex Counties. When hearing of our program, he quickly offered his services to serve women in need through our program. He specializes in Treatment and Management of eye disease. We are thankful for his services of complimentary eye exams to our participants

We also thank, Karen Breda, whom is the office manager at B&B Eye Group. She has been working with Dr. Kirczow for seven years and is graciously donating eye accessories to our participants. She is very active in our community service and serves with the Interfaith organization at her local church to serve families in need.


B&B Eye Group, LLC

Route 10 Ledgewood Mall

Ledgewood, NJ

(973) 927-1242