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About Us



Freedom Forth is dedicated to restoring, equipping and empowering survivors of domestic sex trafficking and violence.Through prevention and aftercare we offer community based support services to directly serve women, teen and children survivors  in Morris County, New Jersey.

As an organization, we realize that in order to end violence,  prevention work is essential. We are continually examining the most effective ways to prevent women, teens children from becoming victims of violence. Freedom Forth partners with networks that help a growing abolition movement through our continued efforts to prevent new instances from occurring.

Through our one year program, we partner with local social service agencies to serve women,teens and children through our tailored services which include faith based support, a weekly community support group, counseling, medical services, educational scholarships, life and resilience skill workshops, fashion and beauty services and basic necessities. The intent of these services is to give our participants the tools to become self-sufficient, ultimately returning them to the community and live independently.

Our program model looks at the entire make-up of a women, teen and child’s spiritual, mental and physical being and focuses on each part through their healing journey. All are welcomed regardless of religious affiliation, race, age or political beliefs.