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“When Ego is Lost, Limit is Lost”


“When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful.”


Every morning I have my usual glass of hot tea with breakfast. My momma has come to affectionately call it my ‘hippie tea’ because of the little thought provoking nugget that is attached to the tea bag. This morning I was struck by the truth in the words I found there.


Ego, as I see it, is the root of all selfishness. When I think of that radiating woman that I desire to be, she has come to a place of selflessness-she has conquered her own ego. Our society makes this particularly hard to do because the world validates that we are what we do more than who we actually are. If we are not being validated in what we do, our ego becomes like a ravenous lion lasing out in fear, in anger, in sadness. This leaves no room for the presence of whom we are, for our true essence devoid of ego, to sparkle and shine.


So how do we go about conquering our egos? One way is to start developing a sense of inner self-reflection as opposed to inward selfish obsession and motivation. This looking inward is different from the all-encompassing self-obsessed ego that desires to drive our every move. Although it is against our very nature to instinctively desire to put others before ourselves, once managed, there a breath of relief, a freedom, that comes from letting go of the heavy burden of the desires of our own heart.


I urge you not towards complacency, but encourage you to focus on developing your inner self so that true beauty can pour through you on to others. I believe that what we do in life should organically spring from this. What we do should evolve from who we are instead of conversely-who we are being only what we do. How refreshing and rare it is to meet someone that you know simply for their presence and not their occupation. I aspire to be one of those rare women that has developed the ability to daily crucify her own ego, and, in effect, leave behind a sweet and peaceful aroma wherever I go.